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How to be safe when to buy steroids raw powder from an international raw source?

1. Financial safety

A. Larger order

As the saying in this circle, do not try more money than you can lose. Every purchasing to a foreign country, it is a risk, especially these days. There are too many information or websites or personal, calling them g2g sources. But, maybe, they are only 1 person “company”. Once you paid the money more than their investment. The company or source will vanish from your sight. Maybe, you can say 3-5 Bitcoin can buy some legs or arms, even a life. But, it is a loss to loss game.

Will they quit from this circle? May not. They may have a new name of the website or company, and go on the same business. A new G2G source will come in the ground. So, never try invest on the deal more than you can lose.


Then, how to make such bulk orders? To meet the source or have something they care much than the money as a warranty. Before the bulk order, everyone will try some small orders to test the purity, the service, the delivery, etc. 

During these communication, you may have his/her pictures, the family condition, the location, and some other things he/she cared. Then, to meet him/her at somewhere. The office or factory can be faked. Do not take them as some guarantee, but their family.

Also, if it is a real company, they may have membership or sponsorship of somewhere. Such cost is high and worried by them. The source may worry about them in some way.

B. Normal order

To confirm every cost before you pay for the order cost. There are potential but not mentioned cost, such as the reship goods cost, the reship delivery cost, the customs duty, the address changing cost, the goods sending back cost, the reship cost for not customs reason, the testing cost, etc. Every real source may take part of them for building a long term relationship with you. What they do is to be esteem company but not a one-time buying “source”.

C. Payment

Paypal is a real good payment methods, but it is rarely heard of any source accepting Paypal. These goods are not under protection by Paypal’s regulations.

TT/Bank wire is also heard to be fine. Since the receiving company name is registered, the source must have some relationship with that name. It helps some to build the trust.

Bitcoin is the most favorite payment by most of the sources, for the anonymous registering, transfering and picking up.

WU/MG are the commonly used. It is easy to get some one to pay it, but also to be picked it up.

Ria is commonly used in Europe. In China, it is also accepted by some sources, almost as the same usage as WU/MG.

After all, you can get the most convenient ways. To protect your money, my suggestion is to be with TT/Bank wire first, then, by bitcoin. The WU/MG/Ria always are with lots of fee.

2. Information safety

Whatever and Whenever, your personal safety comes the first.

A. Email:

Safe email and free email are easy to get and with very less or no cost. During them, protonmail and tutanato and safe-mail are recommended. Whenever you register a new mail, try to make them not regularly and no contact with your other information.

Try to change the used email every 2-3 months. And, if possible, two or three email are used together, and no one of them are with full communication with your sources or clients.

Warning: If some source contacts your rarely used email, your this email or personal information must be leaked out by the one you contacted before. Or, they are the same people just with different names.

 Information safety with SZOB-www.ok-biotech.com.jpg

B. Whatsapp/Skype/Line/wickr/etc

These tools are used more and more these days for everyone. And, yes, they are much easier for you to chat with some ones. But, there will be too much tracks there.

Our suggestion is not to make full communication on one way. And, if possible, try to get some account on others’ people names. Perhaps, it is just a kind of self-comfort. What we try to do is to do the best.

C. Equipment

To change your phone or hard drive regularly. The information in the phone may connected too much than you expect. And, they are not expensive these days, especially comparing what we do.

D. Receiver and address

The judge substances the people guilty by the evidence. Beside the storage of the powder and finished gears, the receiver and address must comes into the police sight long before. Our suggestions are:

To rent some mail box and leave a chop there to receive the parcel. You are innocent to get the parcel.

To have some relation at the post/courier station.

To have some more alternative receivers and addresses to disperse the risk. Every receiver do not try to get more than 1-2 international parcels.

To let the parcel at the station and wait for few more days to confirm the safety.

To change the address when the parcel arrives and confirm the safety.

To not unpack the parcel few more days at your place.

After all, these business is not too serious, comparing with terrorists or drugs, etc. From the law side, the owner or cook may faces some fine and education, depending on the states or countries.