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Side Effects Of Clenbuterol Powder

clenbuterol powder side effects

Side effects of clenbuterol powder are dosage dependant. When employing the use of clenbuterol powder in conjunction with other adrenoceptor substances, caution is advised as side effects are likely to be cumulative. For this reason it is generally not recommended to use ephedrine or the ECA stack (ephedrine-caffeine-aspirin) whilst using clenbuterol powder.

Common side effects of clenbuterol powder may include followings : headaches, muscular cramps and tremors, insomnia, hypertension, nausea, possible cardiac hypertrophy. Heart muscle necrosis has been also demonstrated in animal studies.

Viewing the above side effects, it is obvious to assume that anyone with cardiac issues and/or hypertension should not use a stimulant such as Clenbuterol powder and caution must be observed by those already using similar compounds in the treatment of existing medical diseases. In addition, there is very little conclusive knowledge of the cardiac effects of supra-physiological dosages in humans. Also we should know that clenbuterol dosage bodybuilding is very important for us,it is a drug, not natural.

Clenbuterol powder is also known as “lean meat powder”, being added to animal feed to lower the fat content of meat. The reason is that It speeds up the animals muscle-building and the fat burning, resulting in leaner meat. As an example, when it is fed to pigs it also produces pinker meat, leading consumers to believe the pork they are buying is fresher than it really is.

For instance in China every year almost 50 million metric tons of pork is produced and consumed. Despite the government ban, Clenbuterol powder is still widely used by Chinese pig farmers. It is also said that they stop adding it to feed several weeks before the animals are slaughtered in order to avoid its detection